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Live interactive yoga What can yogaia do for me?

Relieve stress

9/10 of our users say Yogaia helps them to calm down whilst reducing stress. Suffer with stress? We’ll get you out of your worrier pose in no time.

Get you active

60% of our users say that Yogaia makes them exercise more than they were previously. Yogaia’s customers participate in online classes an average of 3 times a week!

Aid weight loss

Yoga is an effective method to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Don’t fancy yoga? drop it like a squat in our Barre Class or get fit with HIIT!

Yoga with kids

No matter what plan you choose, all Yogaia Yogis enjoy the same membership benefits

Access to over 100 new yoga and meditation online classes every week, suitable for all levels

Participate in live classes for an interactive experience with your yoga teacher

Hundreds of recorded, on-demand classes at your fingertips

Experienced, certified and highly qualified teachers

Personal class recommendations, tailored to your needs

Yoga classes in a variety of styles, as well as meditation, fitness and more

Access to all our exclusive workshops and lectures to deepen your knowledge of yoga

Practice your favourite classes via your laptop, phone, tablet or television

Unwavering support from our passionate customer service team

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